SE 2040 HYDRO THERMOSPHERE thermal insulating paint

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Super water-repellent and heat-insulating water-based paint: contributes to energy saving.
The paint can be applied on internal or external walls and facades.

15 lt plastic tin.

Theoretical yield
about 60 m2 with a 15 lt pack

WHITE color (it is possible to color the product in a paint factory or with specific toner)


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Innovative ecological water-based paint with excellent thermal insulation properties.

The solution for walls that contributes to energy saving!

Ideal for high humidity environments and particularly suitable for internal and external painting of homes and offices, to obtain clean and healthy environments: thanks to its high heat diffusion power, it always guarantees that walls stay dry and mold-free.

Product with excellent water repellency.

15 lt plastic tin.

Theoretical yield
15 lt allow to cover about 60 m2

WHITE color (can be colored in any paint factory)

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Weight 14 kg

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