COIB 250 SHIELD COAT 15 lt insulating coating

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Universal thickness insulation coating, ideal for application in insulating coating systems

15 lt plastic tin.

Theoretical yield
2.5-2.8 liters / m2 for 6 mm build
3.5-4.5 liters / m2 for 8 mm build


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FINISHING INSULATION for external coating  in 4-8 mm thickness systems.

Ideal for interior and exterior walls, roof cladding, iron, galvanized sheet, concrete, stoneware and wood.

COIB 250 stands out in particular as a coating for pipes and tanks, with a strong reduction of heat and maintenance of temperature.

Anti-mold par excellence, the products prevents algae, mold and fungus formation;
Ecological, water-based product;
Excellent light refraction and UV protection;
Avoids condensation;
Resistant to the action of snow, rain, hail, salt, fresh and salt water, acids etc .;
Excellent waterproofing action (with a minimum thickness of 4 mm);
Excellent resistance to extreme temperature (from -50 ° C to + 200 ° C), Self-extinguishing;

Theoretical yield
2.5-2.8 liters / m2 for 6 mm build
3.5-4.5 litr / m2 for mm build

Available in 15 lt plastic tin.

Light GRAY color.

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Weight 14 kg

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