The innovative Vires Marine range of fillers for deck leveling has reached its maximum evolution and maturity: today, fillers NT 4032 Virdeck 540 and NT 4022 Stucco Piuma LL offer record performance and quality, proving to be the top choice for on board application.

Vires’ over fifty years of experience in the production of resins for industrial floors is all displayed here,
with its best on board deck fillers!



Stucchi livellamento ponti VIRES

NT 4032 VirDeck 540 / NT 4022 Stucco Piuma LL


Deck leveling for Mega Yacht and Giga Yacht

NT 4032 Virdeck 540 [light blue]

The highest levels of technology and performance… even for a product destined to be the most hidden!

The main advantages of the on board deck leveling filler NT 4032 Virdeck 540:

• The low density and high elasticity modified epoxy-polyurethane matrix is able to accommodate the different flexions of decks and of teak covering, offering a ready and effective reaction to vibrations;
The bare minimum of specific weight [0.54 kg / lt];
• Leveling putty with the optimal viscosity to provide a great ease of modeling, even on low thickness;
• The best mix between leveling performance and ease of modeling, perfect to build drains and other slopes;
Extremely easy sanding and preparation for the teak cover application;
• Suitable for application in low and high thicknesses [from 5 up to 55mm];
• Excellent and durable resistance to aging and chalking;
• Can be walked on and can be sanded after just 24 hours;
• The 100% dry solids formulation guarantees very low shrinkage.


Lo stucco autolivellante NT 4022 Stucco Piuma LL applicato

NT 4032 Virdeck 540 … on show!


Self-leveling for decks and large surfaces on board

NT 4022 Stucco Piuma LL [red]

One of the most popular Vires Marine deck leveling products has reached its maximum evolution.

Its characteristics make it the missing link between the classic epoxy fillers and the self-leveling resins: until now, such a product did not even exist!

The main advantages of the deck leveling NT 4022 Stucco Piuma LL

• The modified epoxy-polyurethane matrix, with low density and high elasticity, has an excellent ability to accommodate the movement of decks and teak covers, providing an effective response to vibrations;
Competitive specific weight [0,68 kg / lt]
Self Leveling putty suitable for large surfaces: its great ease of use, thanks to the low viscosity which facilitates pouring, fast drying and ease of sanding, helps to contain costs and application time;
• The best compromise between the traditional two-component epoxy fillers, from which it takes the high performance in compression, pull off, chemical resistance and low density, and the self-leveling resins, from which it takes the ease of laying and leveling and elasticity;
• Suitable for medium and high thicknesses [from 15 up to 55mm];
• Excellent and durable resistance to aging and chalking over time;
The surfaces have very close pores, ideal for very easy sanding and in preparation to teak application;
Walkable and sandable after just 24 hours;
• 100% dry solid formulation, to guarantee very low shrinkage after drying.


Applicazione Stucco Piuma

Application of NT 4022 Stucco Piuma LL


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